Our Team


Pope & Land provides tenants with the most technologically advanced systems for energy efficiency and economic operation as well as access to a wide range of the richest amenities and cutting edge features.

To ensure meaningful, longstanding relationships with our Tenants, we employ a well-established set of procedures designed to speed and simplify tenant service calls and manage administrative services. Lease stability in our properties that is well above 90% conclusively proves that our methods are successful—our focus and attention to detail epitomizes our property management philosophy.

Carol Kratsas                                                Cathy Cottrell
Senior Property Manager                         Property Administration
Office:  (770) 514-9793                                 Office:  (770) 514-9793
Mobile: (404) 277-6873                                 ccottrell@popeandland.com

Charles Reyes                                               Jimmy Doster
Chief Engineer                                         Engineer
creyes@popeandland.com                              jdoster@popeandland.com

Earl Baldwin                                                  Benito Olivares
Engineer                                                  Engineer
ebaldwin@popeandland.com                           bolivares@popeandland.com